Jade + Lopez = AMAZING

Bush Song are very pleased to announce that Lopez (SIERRAS' TACO FLAVORED KISSES AT DAWA) will be the father of Bush Song's 2018 litter with Jade (Yushuzangao Jade Qin Blossom).

Jade and Lopez, on opposite sides of the World, have both been raised in family homes as part of manageable pack's of TM's.  So that they can always live and develop alongside both their 4 legged and 2 legged extended 'family'.  Bush Song's puppy 'nursery' is part of the family home.  This ensures that all puppies, as well as being pampered, are socialised and accustomed to all the normal sights and sounds of a home.

Reservations will be essential for puppies from this high quality litter.

Lopez photos courtesy of Dawa TM's.

Jade achieved her Australian Championship title before she was 13 months followed by being awarded Best of Breed at Adelaide Royal Show at 13 months in 2012 then again in 2013. She has been highly praised by all International judges she has met. Her father, Dawn Qin, hails from the highly respected 'Legend Wu' TM Kennels in Taiwan. He was imported to Australia by Mr Zhen Wang of Victoria in 2010 and awarded Best of Breed at Melbourne Royal Show in 2011. Dawn Qin has since returned to China to continue his stud career. Jade's mother Heidi (and her much awarded auntie Hannah here at Bush Song) carry the best of Australian and European lines.
Lopez has had a highly awarded show career. He completed his AKC Championship title at just 7 months.
His is a son of the amazing Bartok - the top winning TM of all time.
Lopez has the commanding presence of his father. He has sired several impressive litters in the USA and Bush Song is proud to exclusively introduce his lines to Australia.

For more fantastic information about Lopez, visit Dawa TM website; http://dawatm.com

Best of Breed winner at Adelaide Royal Show 2012 and 2013
Sierras' Taco Flavored Kisses at Dawa
Finishing his AKC championship at the age of 7 months with owner / handler Ed Thomason and owner, Lois.

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Matthew Foster-Smith 09.01.2019 02:32

Do you have any idea when you may have a new litter in 2019?

Chase Doherty 18.07.2017 03:00

Hi are any of your dogs currently pregnant

Greg Green 05.01.2017 22:28

That is great, best you send me an email then we can work out how to make this happen

Rico Ellis 05.01.2017 19:39

I would like to purchase a puppy as a pet

Greg Green 05.01.2017 22:30

That is great. Best you send me an email and we can work out how to make this happen.

eric vun 04.01.2017 23:49

Hi Greg,
May I know why some of your TM have a mane while some don't?

Greg Green 05.01.2017 07:28

Males have more mane than females. Some TM's are tiger head type others are lion head type. Some have exaggerated the mane which is wrong, email for more info

Pam 18.09.2016 07:41

Hi Greg, Beautiful Dogs!
I'm just after a price for a pup as a pet.

bushsongtibetanmastiffs@bigpond.com 18.09.2016 10:41

Hi Mara,
Email me at bushsongtibetanmastiffs@bigpond.com for further details of next years litter

Regards, Greg

Mara Davison 21.11.2015 08:33

Hi, we are looking to get. Tibetan Mastiff as a pet with future aspirations to have a show dog and possibly breed this wonderful dog. We live in the Marlborough Sounds in NZ on a fifty acre lifestyle block. I am a young retired teacher living the dream wi

Greg 21.11.2015 12:52

Hi Mara,
Email me at bushsongtibetanmastiffs@bigpond.com for furthrt information
Regards, Greg

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