Bush Song Tibetan Mastiffs

Bush Song Tibetan Mastiff Kennels was born out of love and respect for this majestic breed. The more I researched their background, the more in awe I became with their ancient history and various uses as dictated by man.  The Tibetan was and is a fearless guard dog, used not only to guard flocks and villages, but also by the Tibetan monks as gatekeepers to their sacred temples.  Hence the names Temple Dog and Gate Dog.  Today we appreciate them for their loyalty, even temperament and companionship.

Bush Song have a limited breeding program with the overriding aim to breed quality, well loved, true to type Tibetan Mastiffs.  Bush Song TM's are nurtured and cared for with a great deal of time invested in producing well natured, healthy, happy puppies and adults.  TM's are a part of the family and as such, spend a proportionate amount of time in the house both curious and involved in all day to day activities.

Bush Song is a small hobby kennel in the Adelaide Hills with no intention of breeding dogs as a commodity for profit.  We are entirely devoted to providing the best life our dogs can possibly have.  We love animals, respect their rights as well as the environment and derive great pleasure from our TM's being a part of this idyllic lifestyle.

The Bush Song brood currently consists of four TM's, three girls and one boy.  Our Champion girls  are Sharna, Effie and mum Jade.  Our boy is Jett, our home bred Grand Champion.

Bush Song tirelessly promote and show the breed and have been doing so since 2009 - both locally and interstate.  Bush Song TM's come from Champion bloodlines and are Australian Champions in their own right.  Along the way they have had many wins under many respected International judges including wins at Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra Royal Shows.

All Bush Song TM's from birth have been under the care of a vet, uniformly immunised, micro chipped, tested for bone structure and hereditary diseases to ensure they enjoy the best of health from puppy to adulthood. They all undergo puppy and dog training  to ensure socialization and a temperament suited to being a family member.

From time to time Bush Song will have beautiful happy puppies available to place in loving homes where the intention is to make their beloved puppy a part of their family.

Please feel free to contact me to make a time to visit the Bush Song brood along with the other wildlife with which they share their home in the Adelaide Hills. I am always happy to provide information and answer any questions you may have.  Like myself I am sure you will find that you can not be in the presence of such a majestic ancient breed and not be completely taken over by them.

Falling in love with this breed will spoil you forever.

Bronson 25.01.2022 23:36


Would love to be put on the list for any litters this year.


Virginia McGrath 13.11.2021 21:39

I would be happy to be put on a list for any puppies in 2022. Thank you.

Marcus 10.09.2021 14:00

Will you have any breeding plans for next 2022?

Greg Green 11.09.2021 08:09

Yes, I am planning for a liter next year.

Josie 24.08.2021 13:40

What is the best way to get our names down on a waiting list for an upcoming litter.
Kind Regards

Greg Green 10.06.2021 21:13

Sorry, no puppies this year.

GRAHAM SMITH 30.05.2021 03:49

Hello, I am interested in obtaining a Tibetan Mastiff preferably a puppy or mature dog no older than 2 years old. I live in Magill by the way.

Greg Green 10.06.2021 21:12

No puppies available this year
I do have a 3 1/2 year old girl I would consider rehoming
Email or call me on 0412 735 598 if you would like to discuss options

Christine Harrison 10.08.2020 08:12

Hi there.
Could you add our name to yourust of prospective puppy parents We will supply any information that you need.
Our phone is 0401272995
Christine and Kat

Greg Green 10.08.2020 23:28

You are on the list, thank you.

janette wynne 0432148522 23.06.2020 04:44

hi Greg. we have spoken over the years about my TB cross Rottweiler. on gumtree someone is re homing my girls brother. i recognised the similarities immediately

Greg 23.06.2020 14:22

I hope he finds a good home.

Sharna Titus 04.07.2018 05:31

Hi these dogs are amazing. Are there any puppies available this litter ?
Thank you

Greg Green 04.07.2018 09:50

There is a waiting list for this litter.
If you would like offer a home for a puppy from this litter then best to send me an email.

ken + margaret 03.08.2017 10:35

Hi iwe to have loved these great breed for a long time and have waited for the right time to get our companion for life, our dogs are loved for life, old age go

Jane 27.09.2015 07:19

I have been in love with this breed for some time and have been interested in their history , i would love in the near future to be owned by one

James 26.05.2015 23:02

Hi. I am in need of a companion on my new 8 acres and would love to raise one of these gorgeous creatures from a Pup. =)

Greg 27.05.2015 05:45

Hi James,
email me - bushsongtibetanmastiffs@bigpond.com - and we can discuss how to make this possiible.

Natalie 26.05.2015 11:53

Absolutely stunning...one day I would loved to be owned by one of these fur kids....my little miniture horse is smaller than the dogs. What a playmate for him

Greg 27.05.2015 05:48

Hi Natalie,
Yep, one of these guys would make a great playmate and guardian, Would be devoted to both you and your 4 legged friend. Email me to discuss.

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25.01 | 23:36


Would love to be put on the list for any litters this year.


13.11 | 21:39

I would be happy to be put on a list for any puppies in 2022. Thank you.

11.09 | 08:09

Yes, I am planning for a liter next year.

10.09 | 14:00

Will you have any breeding plans for next 2022?